New Year Refresh and Reboot 


Are you feeling sluggish, tired and moody after the festive season? Then it's time to

refresh and reboot!


New Year is an ideal time to give our bodies, particularly our digestive system and liver, a good rest from the indulgences of sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods consumed over the festive season. You'll benefit from improved sleep, get rid of cravings, and have a renewed spring in your step!

Whether you need a gentle or a more intensive cleanse, or perhaps want to kick the stimulants after a period of excess, I can guide you to how best to get started safely and easily. You don’t have to starve yourself and can still enjoy delicious meals, juices and soups. My refresh and reboot detox plan can be done any time of the year but is particularly useful to get back on track after the indulgent festive season. It's time to break the old habits of 2017 and embrace some refreshing new ones to reboot and rejuvenate your mind and body! 

Here's a success story from one of my clients who did the Refresh and Reboot last year:

'Despite having the beginning of a headache on the third day, I am really feeling great now and trying to tune into my body to see how hunger feels. I find it overall a great experience. I also love the recipes - I tried quite a few of them. My children love the buckwheat pancakes, a really delicious combination with berries. I will certainly make them after the detox as well :-)
Tomorrow is my second week and I am already looking forward to it!'

And here's one from a client who did the Refresh and Reboot as part of a weight-loss booster
"I wasn’t sleeping very well, struggled to get up in the morning, had cravings, which were very hard to resist and resulted in excessive snacking. Apart from that it seemed impossible to lose a few pounds to get to my desired weight despite working out and having an active lifestyle. I needed something that would put me on the right track and reinforce healthy eating habits. Following Kathleen’s recommendation I embarked on a 2 week Refresh and Reboot Programme to improve my health and to kickstart my desire to quit sugar for life. The Refresh and Reboot Programme, which offered many delicious recipe choices, was very easy to follow as I was very determined to make a change. After the 2 weeks were over, I kept going with my healthy eating habits making sure not to eat any sugar and sticking to maximum 1 to 2 portions of fruit a day. It just seemed so easy as my cravings disappeared completely. With Kathleen’s help I also worked out my trigger foods, which I am avoiding at any cost. I am feeling great and happy that I have found just the right way for myself to stay healthy and feel great!"                                                                    

This client did the refresh and reboot detox as a booster during her Joyful Eating Programme and, not only did she boost body fat loss, combined with Nordic walking and yoga, she improved her muscle density and increased her metabolism

How the Programme works:

The reboot package consists of 4 nutrition consultations to support you over a 2 week period, one scheduled 3 to 4 days prior to commencement (to set you up and go over the plan) with 2 mini 20-minute consultations for support during the programme (these 2 are carried out online or on the phone) and another at the end (to review progress and next steps). Supplements, if recommended, are an additional charge to the programme.

Programme cost: £234, includes New Year 10 % discount (normal price £260)

Before you embark on this programme, it’s best to find out what is safe for you as an individual, especially if you have any health concerns or are taking medication. Contact me to find out more.