Joyful eating for a vibrant mind and body.

Transform your health with nutritional therapy and motivational coaching.

Are the demands of a busy career affecting your stress levels and health?

Are you constantly tired? Have you noticed hormonal changes or is your weight increasing? Do you struggle with stomach pain and bloating?

My Joyful Eating Programmes combine nutritional science with motivational coaching to help transform your health and wellbeing.

There’s also practical support for setting up a healthy kitchen, menu planning and personalised recipe booklets to inspire you.

“This is about lifestyle and you don’t feel you’re being deprived of good food. It’s enjoyable” - Amy

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If you’ve have been struggling with eating habits for a long time, or you’re not sure which programme is for you, give me a call. We’ll look at your unique situation in more depth, get to know each other and decide whether we’re a good fit. There’s no obligation to follow on with one of my nutrition programmes however I really hope that you do.

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“No mood swings, cellulite disappearing, calmness, collected, no stress” - Anne

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