Simplifying healthy eating for mind and body.

My belief is that everyone deserves to experience vitality, great health and happiness in their lives and my mission is to help you find it! 

I work with people who struggle with eating healthily due to stressful lifestyles or emotional eating behaviours. I help them achieve simple changes to their eating habits to rejuvenate mind and body. 

There’s so much conflicting information these days about what you should and shouldn’t eat, no wonder there’s so much confusion! And modern life is making us all so busy with many distractions and demands on our time.

I help you put yourself top of your agenda and together we’ll devise your unique eating and lifestyle plan that’s right for your biochemistry and individuality. You’ll have realistic actions you can take to boost your nutrition status and your overall wellbeing. 

I help you take back control to achieve what you desire for your health, both now and for the rest of your life.   

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step
— Lao Tzu

 Ways I can help you.

Things people say about me:

This is about lifestyle and you don’t feel you’re being deprived of good food. It’s enjoyable.
— Amy
No mood swings, cellulite disappearing, calmness, collected, no stress.
— Anne

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