New Service! Personalised Recipes For Busy People!

I will write a personal recipe book just for you!

I am delighted to announce that I have launched a new service due to rising demand from my clients. I recognise how difficult it is to make the necessary changes to your diet when:

You are super busy

You need to accommodate food intolerances

You have been told to follow a specialist diet like low GL for weight loss or low FODMAP for digestive complaints.

It’s not easy but I can help!

To help my clients meet the demands of a new dietary regime, I can put together 7-21 day menu plans with delicious recipes to tempt you to eat healthier for a vibrant mind and body. You will find it easier to stick with the plan in order to get the best results possible.

Without doubt, we all come in different shapes and sizes, with different backgrounds, upbringings and views on life. It’s no different regarding our food choices and we are all biochemically unique in our minds and bodies, our health and symptoms, as well as food likes and dislikes. Therefore there is never one diet that fits everyone. There needs to be adaptation for each and every one of us.

Here are the reasons why my personalised approach to recipe creation helps make meal planning easier for you:

  1. you don’t need to look up cookery books or websites to find recipes that suit your individual health challenges and tastes in food

  2. foods you are avoiding are already taken out of recipes and you will have lots of alternative suggestions

  3. recipes are easy to follow and chosen according to the time you have available to prepare and cook food

  4. shopping lists are provided so that you can easily get the food you need and check what you already have in your cupboard, cutting down on waste

  5. you are more likely to stick to a plan when you have recipes that you enjoy

  6. you will learn about recipes that you will use time and time again whilst being tempted to try out new ones and different foods

  7. you will have less stress about making mistakes and giving up as you will always have the right foods to hand

  8. you will improve your nutrition and get better results (gut health, weight loss, immunity etc)

I look forward to helping you eat for a vibrant mind and body! Call me on 07880 353964 to discuss your needs!

P.S. Look out for my next blog on Menu Planning for Busy People

Photo: courtesy of Taylor Kiser@foodfaithfit (unsplash)