Joyful eating for digestive wellness

Digestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is the most common of all gastrointestinal conditions. Symptoms can vary and include any of the following: stomach pain, bloating or flatulence, diarrhoea and/or constipation.  Even tiredness and stress can be linked as the gut is our ‘second brain’.

Often there is no medical explanation for the symptoms as they may be present even if nothing presents with medical testing. And there are many causes of IBS. Often it’s a combination of various factors including food sensitivities, or a condition known as dysbiosis (bacterial imbalance or yeast overgrowth) in the gut or deficiencies in digestive enzymes or stomach acid, two main constituents of digestion that we produce less of as we age.

Our mood can be impacted by IBS - the neurotransmitter serotonin is formed in the gut. And the immune system also is affected by digestion so it really is true that the root of our health is located in the gut!

My digestive programmes and testing:

Initially it’s very helpful to carry out digestive testing as you could be working for a long time in the dark with trial and error, wasting time and money on supplements and avoiding foods that may not actually be causing the underlying problem.

We are all individually unique and key test results give you a roadmap to the solution quicker and more effectively, and may save you money in the end. There are various testing methods that help us to work out what the key causes of IBS are including possible pathogens that need to be treated. Using the test results, a dietary protocol can be planned to repair the integrity of the gut, removing the food allergens and monitoring the symptoms for improvement over a period of time.   

Recommended tests:   

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis starts at £335, with an additional fee for my time to interpret the results. This provides a detailed assessment of gastrointestinal function, including the need for digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid and beneficial bacteria. It includes information on pathogenic bacteria, yeasts, parasites and other immune/inflammation markers which could be the underlying cause of symptoms.  I recommend a zonulin test in addition (to test intestinal permeability) and the overall cost to include this is £400.

Food Intolerance Testing starts at £199 to £345. This is a finger prick test that is performed at the client’s home and can be sent off in the post.  After 14 days, you will receive a report which will outline any foods that are causing symptoms and therefore may need to be avoided for a period of time, depending on the severity of the reaction. Alternative foods will be suggested and a plan of action agreed. 

Format of the Digestive Wellness programme

You will be asked to complete a nutrition questionnaire and a 3-day food diary in advance of your initial appointment. This is returned to me and analysed before we meet.

During your first session, which takes about 75 minutes, we will discuss your main symptoms and health goals, and I will give you some recommendations for dietary changes, nutritional tests and supplements, if appropriate. You will receive a follow up Nutrition Plan by email. Thereafter, there are two follow up appointments spaced approximately 2 - 4 weeks apart, where we will discuss your progress and I may make alterations to your Nutrition Plan.

This package is to be completed within 12 weeks. Tests are an additional cost to the Programme, and you receive 10% discount on supplements

Gut Transformation Programme

This 6-week programme transforms your gut health to get your gastrointestinal system functioning at its very best.  This programme is an intensive gut clearance protocol which aims to support clients with unpleasant, nagging gut-related issues they may have been suffering with for years.

Using a targeted supplement programme, the Gut Transformation Programme incorporates the 5R approach to provide a focus for the evaluation of gastrointestinal function, and utilises targeted, nutritional, digestive enzyme and probiotic formulas, which, in addition to the targeted food plan, can support the normalisation of healthy gut function.

Depending on your requirements, I can offer you 6-10 week's nutrition support and follow up over the duration of the programme. Sometimes it is essential to allow more than 6 weeks pending the results of the tests carried out (please see tests above). I recommend 4-5 sessions to support you with this programme.

I would recommend carrying out a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Test initially so we can check progress with the programme.  Please contact me for an informal chat about how I can support you during this programme.

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