DNAFit Test.  

Uncover your unique dietary needs and intolerances, helping you make long term sustainable change.

Whether you want to improve your fitness for sport or recreation, reduce your body fat percentage or improve your general wellness, the DNAFit test result will offer you clear guidance for peak performance. Our genes make us who we are so they impact every area of our life, health and wellbeing. Understanding your DNA will help you make the right choices to live a healthier life.

This is a very useful test to assess why your current diet and fitness regime may just not be right for you.  Our bodies can be affected by the food we eat, how much caffeine or alcohol we consume and even the type of exercise we do.

This test give you the answers so you can adapt your nutrition plan and exercise programme and start getting results you want.

What DNAFit includes:


  • Diet type recommendation

  • Carbohydrate response

  • Saturated fat response

  • Detoxification capability

  • Antioxidant need

  • Vitamin D need

  • Vitamin B need

  • Omega 3 need

  • How caffeine, alcohol, salt or lactose impacts you

  • Propensity to gluten sensitivity


  • Power or endurance response

  • Recovery speed

  • Sports injury resilience

  • Aerobic VO2 max potential

  • Recovery nutrition needs

Please contact me for an informal discussion so that I can help you decide whether this test is for you!