Female Hormone Balance Programmes

Supporting Female Hormones

Most women experience symptoms of hormone imbalance at some stage of their lives, from starting periods as a teenager throughout childbearing years right through to the menopause. 

Did you know that nutrition and lifestyle has a big role to play at each of these stages? Our hormones are made from the fats that we consume and other nutrients and foods play a major role in how they function.

As women, we take it for granted that hormonal symptoms are a normal part of our monthly cycle. However, the good news is that they don't have to be. By making simple improvements to your nutrition and lifestyle, you can really help to reduce their effects and improve your overall quality of life. 

I work with you to ease the symptoms of hormonal fluctuations so that you can have hormonal freedom and focus on living!

Take the steps to PMS Freedom!

Do you suffer from irregular periods, and/or sugar cravings, bloating, anxiety, cramping or painful breasts leading up to your period? Other symptoms could be mood swings, PCOS or heavy periods. These are all very familiar symptoms we can experience on a monthly basis.

I will help you improve your PMS so you don't have the monthly reminders of hormonal mayhem!

Getting Healthy to Have a Baby!

Pregnancy is a major lifestage where nutritional needs change and women benefit from a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to help them maintain their health (and the health of the baby) and energy, both during and after birth. Did you know that the foetus actually takes all of the nutrition it needs from the mum for growth and brain development, so it's the mum who suffers any deficiencies? This could get worse after each pregnancy if not rectified. Therefore three months before conception is the prime time to have targeted nutrition and supplementation to ensure that new mums have everything they need to heal after the birth and prevent post natal problems occurring. We must not forget the father as he has a major role to play too and you can work together in the improvements as a couple! Contact me to find out about my planning for pregnancy programme.

Achieve a Healthy Menopause.

Some women experience hot flushes, mood swings and low libido when approaching the menopause.

Take some steps to improve your nutrition and lifestyle in order to ease your way through the menopause. I will show you the foods that help balance hormones and together we will come up with a nutrition and lifestyle plan to suit your personal needs.

Balanced Hormones Programme

You will have an initial nutrition consultation and recommendations will be made for you to follow. You will receive a follow up report by email which will include nutrition advice, testing suggestions, if appropriate, and a supplement plan. There will be two follow up appointments.

The cost of this programme is £340. Please contact me and I will send you my nutrition questionnaire and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have in advance of making an appointment.