The Reboot Programme (6 weeks)

My 6-week programme is a kickstart to better eating habits, you'll carry out an initial 'kitchen reboot' - out with the old and in with everything you need, getting into the habit of planning your meals and keeping a mindful food diary. You will get some space to work on habits and beliefs that get in the way, shifting to new ways of behaving and eating when stressed or anxious. The health benefits you will achieve will include improved energy and digestion, better mood and sleep as well as managing stress.  Although weight loss may happen, it’s not the main focus. You will also start to feel in control and practice some new food decision tools and skills in managing the situations and people around you that trigger overeating episodes.

Topics covered in this programme:

  • Reboot your healthy eating plan - learn about the nutrition you need for a vibrant mind and body; how refined carbohydrates affect your body and mood; how to choose the best carbohydrates, fats and proteins; the requirements for vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients

  • Menu planning and recipes - the best food choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks and drinks. Create a system that works for you and your lifestyle and within 2 weeks you’ll have new healthy swops for foods and drinks that you wish to reduce or avoid

  • The Impact of caffeine, sugar, processed foods and alcohol on energy, health and weight management

  • Understanding food labels and smart shopping

  • Learn new behaviours - coaching topics depending on your needs: Strategies for emotional eating; wheel of life and stress action planning

What you'll experience:

  • Help to create your nutrition plan that is full of delicious meals and snacks

  • Kitchen clear out and restocking a healthy kitchen

  • A kickstart to improved overall health and energy (improved blood sugar; better digestion, less bloating; improvement in PMS and a happier mood!)

  • Autonomy over food decisions and a boost to self confidence

  • Understanding of hunger and satiety hormones

  • Weekly coaching and follow up food diary review and optional body composition analysis (measuring body fat %, muscle, water absorption, metabolic age, BMR)

  • A complete overhaul of limiting beliefs and self-efficacy skills to manage tricky situations around food and eating, including eating intuitively

  • My 17 years of experience and support 100% of the way!

  • Motivation and fun throughout!

Other add on services include:

  • Personalised nutritional consultation (includes supplement plan)

  • Help with stocking a healthy kitchen

  • Healthy shopping trip to your favourite supermarket!

  • Food preparation and cooking methods

Programme Format:

Five sessions: the first one is 90 minutes, the follow ups are 45 minutes.  The sessions are a combination of face- to- face and online/phone coaching. We meet at Orange Tree Clinic in Teddington or at another agreed venue of choice. There will be an opportunity to follow up weekly. You'll also receive my 'Joyful Eating Journal' to record your progress and have access to a Nutrition app where you can log your daily food intake and key goals you set weekly, with motivational support from me every step of the way! 

If you feel that your symptoms (e.g. digestive or hormonal symptoms) merit nutritional therapy consultations, then I recommend that you sign up for the 2 or 3 session package to help with these areas first. Then follow on with the other coaching programmes to maintain your progress.


Your Investment starts at £520 payable before commencement of the programme (includes materials and follow up support weekly with online food diary review). This programme must be completed within 10 weeks of commencement.

Please contact me for further information. 

Here's a testimonial from a client who achieved great results with cravings after completing her programme: 

just wanted to tell you, I’ve done almost two weeks without ice cream, desserts, crisps and CHOCOLATE would you believe! And...I don’t miss it. My snacking has got so much better and my meals are more filling and healthy. I’ve reduced my meals out and, when I do go out, I make better choices than before. I’m drinking more water and the protein shake you recommended helps my cravings on a bad day. My sleep is on average 7 hours now with less restlessness. Generally in a good mood most days. I’ve lost some weight but I am focusing more on my behaviour and eating well