Nice things people say about their experience of working with me


“Kathleen coached me and 5 ladies on an intensive 10 week zest4life programme she had put together. Kathleen delivered her presentations on weight-loss and good nutrition professionally and skillfully, all the while making the workshop informative, fun and absorbing.  Kathleen is a conscientious, highly motivating and encouraging coach who has a keen desire to help people achieve their weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals.  I was very pleased with the results I received through Kathleen's coaching and guidance and I am sure anyone who works with her will accomplish the healthy lifestyle goals they seek" (Maye)

“It was a life-changing experience, I changed a lot of bad habits” (Mary)

“I am enjoying the course - it goes much further than anything I’ve been to before, i.e. diet clubs. The health benefits are paramount and losing weight is a bonus - we are armed with so much valuable information and I intend to use it!” (Louise)

"It felt very reassuring having your hand and the heat on my body felt very natural. I had no real expectations but during the treatment I tried to stay awake and drifted a little at times but it was really lovely. Afterwards I felt similar to after a yoga nidra (deep relaxation the state you are in just before sleep). Relaxed. Peaceful. Focused. Complete clarity. Everything had slowed down and I could take in the real beauty of the trees/blue sky outside it was lovely to be able to see outside when I opened my eyes. When I got home I felt light, happy and had a feeling of  my muscles had melted down a gear if that makes sense!" - feedback on my Reiki Treatment

“Really enjoyed learning about the science behind it and then watch it work!” (Annabel)

“this is about lifestyle and you do not feel you are being deprived of good food. It's enjoyable.” (Amy)

" My hair is looking healthy and shiny and the rate of growth has increased. My skin looks healthier, I can fit comfortably into my clothes.” (Natalie)

“ No mood swings, cellulite disappearing, calmness, collected, no stress.” (Anne)

“ It was a good way to control my appetite and keep my energy level high. Didn't feel hungry.” (Marcus)

“It was fun to work in a group and support from my coach kept me motivated.” (Paul)

Average weight loss was 4kg in 4 weeks

“Maintaining my healthy intake of food has been fairly easy for me. Language plays such an important role in what we do and in the past like many others I have been guilty of forgetting the impact of how what I say impacts my whole self. Therefore thinking and talking of weight management in terms of continuity and a lifestyle – as in the long term – I am able to have days or weeks where I indulge myself to my heart’s delight yet still step back and assess what I need to add or take out of my diet (noun) to produce a continued healthy balance.That means that I can always take off an extra kilo with some exercise combined with a boost week if I have been on holiday, changed my routine when visitors are here, Xmas celebrations and general unexpected changes in my routine.”

Client lost 10kg

Feedback from Mike and Sarah who shared the loss of 15kg in 2 months:

His comments:

Health and wellbeing topics were enlightening...I thought I was eating healthy by grabbing a label that stated "light". The health and wellbeing topics (like understanding ingredients/nutritional values) made me realise that I need to make the decisions not the marketers! (My newfound knowledge comes purely from the course and I can no longer hide behind food ignorance!)

  1. Weekly goal setting -The goal/objective setting is really valuable. By expanding away from pure weightloss I actually achieved far more than I believed I could (fitness etc.)

  2. GL revision, ideas and recipes - Loved this...everything appears logical and enjoyable. I really had that light bulb moment when I understood the principles and subsequent right choices.

  3. Menu planning - excellent...really useful, especially at the beginning when I learnt the ropes. The thing that I like the most about zest4life is that the need for menus erodes as you become more knowledgeable. It is so logical it becomes second nature.

  4. Motivation emails - relentless! I felt so motivated that there was no way I was going to let myself or Kathleen down.

  5. Support from the group - completed the program with my wife and this was also an essential part to succeed because we worked hard on encouraging each other.

  6. Support from the coach - delivered with passion. I felt like Kathleen strived for our success more than ourselves. This is a life changer...it has educated me on how to control blood sugars and the positive impact this has on my life in general...I have therefore made the decision to continue with the principles for good.

Her comments:

The coaching tools and activities are invaluable. In the past I have tried numerous diets but never managed to stick with them beyond about two weeks before getting fed up and feeling too restricted.

zest4life is definitely not restrictive it’s about making better choices, not only have I lost weight but my body shape has changed dramatically too, I have loads more energy and I no longer suffer from headaches on a daily basis.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process although I could not have achieved such great results without Kathleen's amazing support, coaching and encouragement.

I would definitely recommend this programme to any serial dieter looking to change their mind set forever.