The Sustain Joyful Eating Programme

(12 weeks continuation programme)

This programme is for clients who have completed either the Refresh or Renew programme.

To ensure continuing support once you complete your initial coaching programmes, I offer a package of shorter 'drop in' sessions over a 12 week period for coaching and body composition analysis. You are welcome to contact me to discuss how we can design your ideal programme.


Here's a case study of one of my lovely clients who worked with me on my programmes:

My client, a man in his mid 40s, wanted to lose 2 and a half stone in a healthy way. He had very high blood pressure and other health concerns. He agreed to allocate time for gradual changes for longer term results (and take into account life events that do result in plateaus like birthdays, holidays and Christmas!). His long term focus and commitment produced fantastic results using real food, no fad diet or meal replacements!

After 11 months his weight went from 16st 6lb (104.4kg) to 14st 1lb (89.5kg), a loss of 2 and a half stone, which is testament to a healthy eating approach. His body fat percentage dropped over 7% and his visceral fat (that which is around your waist and abdominal organs and is dangerous as it increases your blood pressure increasing heart attack risks) dropped 4 points back into the healthy range. His hydration improved and most importantly his metabolic age went from 57 to 36 years old!

Delighted to find out that I had my lowest blood pressure reading since 2000 at the doctors last week - more progress!

Prices available on application. Contact me to arrange a call