Teenage Programme

Do you struggle as a parent with your teenager's health and emotional wellbeing? Without doubt, young people seem to have a lot of pressure these days, whether the pressure of exams, their looks, popularity amongst peers, friendship problems.....the list goes on. 

I love working with young adults to help them understand how nutrition affects their energy levels, mood, skin, learning ability and general wellbeing to help ease their way through the many transitions of puberty and beyond. I have also had great results with reiki therapy as a way to balance energy, helping them to let go of tension, removing anxiety and improving sleep.

I've put together a programme to help both parents and teenagers with the key topics that come up for them. 

Key topics that can be chosen for your Teenage Nutrition Programme:

  • Optimum Nutrition: what our bodies need
  • Understanding sugar, fats and protein, vitamins and minerals
  • Understanding food labels
  • Nutrition for healthy skin, hormones, mood and concentration
  • How to give your immune system a boost
  • Stress-less diet and relaxation techniques
  • Menu planning and shopping list
  • How to stock a healthy kitchen
  • Nutritional requirements for becoming vegetarian/vegan
  • How to improve body composition without dieting
  • Basic supplements for general wellbeing

Format of the programme:

An introductory consultation lasting up to 90 minutes, followed by a 4 or 6-session programme based on what you think you need (as a guide, topics can be chosen from the list above). I can also combine nutrition advice with reiki sessions. Follow up emails between appointments and lots of support are supplied throughout! Call me to design a personalised programme.