Joyful eating programmes for a vibrant body and mind.

 Boost your energy levels and feel fantastic, whilst enjoying your food

My philosophy is to take the stress out of eating healthily! 

Imagine a day when you wake up full of vitality, with enough energy and mental clarity to fulfil your daily work and personal tasks, keep fit and active and feel fabulous every minute of that day. You enjoy your food, you know what's good for your body, and you feel revitalised, without stress, or the need to diet or count calories, phew! I believe you deserve this!

I’ve developed successful nutritional programmes to help if you struggle with eating healthily due to stressful lifestyles or emotional eating behaviours.  And if you’re feeling a little stressed or anxious, and need to tap into some self belief, or just want to let go and relax, reiki can really help too. (See my reiki page here).

By working together, you'll not only achieve your well-being goals, but maintain them for the rest of your life.

When we work together,  I take into account your unique individuality, whether it's your food likes and dislikes, your lifestyle, home life and hobbies, your current symptoms and even your beliefs, values and thoughts. Food is one of life's great pleasures, to be enjoyed with our nearest and dearest, as well as providing the nutritional nuts and bolts of a happy mind and body.  You can focus on what it feels like to have supreme health. You'll benefit from nutritional advice and motivational coaching combined. 

You will find the information about my programmes below but please call or email me, if you want to have a chat first.


If you’ve been struggling with yo-yo dieting for many years, I recommend that we meet for an initial 90- minute discovery session for us to get to know each other and see how we could work together. 

How Reiki can help with sugar cravings and improve self esteem:

Often we are quite harsh on ourselves, especially when we want to lose weight. Negative self judgement can lead to comfort eating in order to feel better temporarily.  Reiki is a really relaxing therapy that helps with emotional release to relieve anxiety and negativity, thereby creating clarity and space to find peace and acceptance.  It is a beautiful companion in your journey to inner health and wellbeing, helping you to move on with your decision making.

Reiki therapy can be woven into your programme or is available as single sessions. Contact me to find out more.

I also work alongside a hypnotherapist, Nicola Todd who is based at Asana Health in Kingston.